Tearful Erin Andrews Recounts the Horror of Finding Nude Photos of Herself on the Internet

Michael Barrett told the court how he found out where she was staying and taped her as she took a shower.

Erin Andrews broke down in tears on Monday as she testified about finding out she had been filmed while undressing in her hotel room.

She was asked: “Did you know you would be recorded?”

“No,” she replied.

Andrews spoke with pride about starting her career as a TV sportscaster but her mood changed when she testified about her stalker ordeal. Tears ran down her cheeks as she spoke.

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“Probably for three months everybody thought it was a publicity stunt,” she said. “I was just screaming that I was naked all over the internet and I didn’t know what it was.”

Andrews is now suing the Nashville hotel for $75 million, claiming it was negligent in allowing the man to film her nude through a peep hole as she stayed there in 2011.

Her mother, Paula, also gave emotional testimony about the day the family learned that naked videos of her daughter had been posted online.

She recounted: “I hear her say ‘naked. I am naked! What about my career? What about my life?’”

Monday was also the first time the public heard from Michael Barrett as a videotaped deposition was played for the jury.

In the deposition, he was asked: “You went there for the purpose of videotaping Ms. Andrews in a state of undress, correct?”

“That's correct,” he said.

Barrett told how he found the sports reporter’s room number after she checked into the Marriott hotel at Vanderbilt University in Nashville in 2011.

“I picked up the house phone, and I called the operator and asked what room. I said: ‘Could I have Erin Andrews' room.’ They connected me. House phones, concierge and things, it shows the room number on those so that I knew what room she was in,” he said.

He booked the room next to Andrews.

“As I was coming to the room, I could actually hear her talking on the phone so I knew it was the right room,” he admitted.

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Barrett put his plan into action when he heard her leave her room.

“I saw it was her leaving her room, and then at that point I altered the peephole,” he said.

He said he hacksawed the peephole and put in a fake. Barrett said he later decided to videotape Andrews when he heard her in the shower.

He was asked: “Was she in a state of undress when you saw her?”

“Yes, she was,” he said.

He then described how he filmed the incident and finally stopped taping after four minutes.

“I'm not proud of what I did, I didn't like what I did but enough was enough… Maybe my conscience did probably get a hold of me and say that's enough,” he said.

Barrett was later arrested on stalking charges after he posted the video online. He served two years in prison.

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