Woman Surprises Husband by Asking Pilots to Announce Pregnancy Over Plane Intercom

Thankfully, the pilot's announcement on American Airlines Flight 607 came through the intercom loud and clear.

Pay attention to the announcements on an airplane, because you never know what you might hear.

While most pilots give passengers weather alerts and flight updates, the pilots on American Airlines Flight 607 announced something totally jaw-dropping to Lisa Sadiwnyk's husband, Eric: he's going to be a dad.

"I'd like to draw your attention to seat 29E, where you will find Eric, who is traveling with his wife Lisa," the pilot can be overheard saying in a video of the announcement. "While you didn't strike it rich here in Las Vegas, you did hit the jackpot. Congratulations, you're about to be a dad."

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In the video, Eric Sadiwnyk looks shocked as he tries to take in the news.

"I kept it a secret for a few days, which was absolute torture for me" Lisa Sadiwnyk told InsideEdition.com. "Luckily I'm not much of a drinker anyway, so it wasn't difficult to hide." 

Though her husband's reaction was stoic, Lisa Sadiwnyk assured InsideEdition.com that he was as overjoyed as she was.

"He's super shy, but he [started crying] once the video cuts off,"she said. "It was actually a red-eye flight, and he said, 'How am I supposed to sleep now?'"

Sadiwnyk explained that, before their flight back to their home in Pennsylvania, she handed the flight attendants a letter while her husband was waiting at the gate.

At the top of the letter, she explained what she had planned. It read: "I'm pregnant, and I haven't told my husband yet. Will you consider reading this after the safety briefing?"

The flight attendants handed it back, and asked her to give them the letter again at the begining of the flight as if it was a piece of garbage. To her surprise, the flight attendants then handed it to the pilots, who read it from the cockpit.

The announcement went flawlessly - although Sadiwnyk admitted she had initially been a little nervous.

On the trip to Las Vegas, when she had already planned her surprise for the journey back, "the flight attendents were just not as friendly, and I could not understand a word the woman was saying during the annoucements," she said.

She was tempted to abandon her plan, especially when the couple visited the Hoover Dam. There, she considered pretending to take a picture of her husband - while turning on the recording option and revealing the news. 

But she ultimately decided to stick with her original idea.

She also made sure to have a surprise for their families once they got home. She snuck away while they were in Vegas to buy Vegas-themed onesies at the gift shop. When they returned home, the couple presented the souvenirs to their delighted family.

Now, at 10-weeks pregnant, Lisa Sadiwnyk said that she does not yet know the sex of their baby, but will definitely host a gender revealing surprise when they do. 

"It's baby number one, so why not?" she said.

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