Woman Rescued From Chimney Says She Just Wanted to Get Warm

A woman was rescued from inside a chimney in Texas and promptly handcuffed and taken to jail.

A woman who was arrested after police say she had to be rescued from inside a Texas home's chimney claims she was just trying to get warm.

Authorities in Harris County were called to a home in Spring on Friday morning after 20-year-old Lauren Fox called 911 after they say she'd been stuck inside for two hours.

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"Once we arrived on the scene, it took about 45 minutes to remove the necessary bricks to extricate her," Spring Fire Department District Chief Kevin Wiseman told KTRK.

Authorities were seen atop the roof of the home, which is reportedly vacant, while first determining how best to get the woman out.

Once out, police say Fox told them she just wanted to find some warmth but allegedly would not reveal how she managed to wriggle into the chimney.

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Fox suffered only minor scrapes and bruises.

She was booked on charges including criminal trespass and held on $5,000. She's due to appear in court on Wednesday.

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