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Twins Arrested in Vicious Stabbing of Both Their Parents: Cops

Police in Sacramento say Cody and Kevin Martinez mercilessly stabbed their mom and dad, who were left gushing blood in an apartment building parking lot.

Twin brothers in California have been arrested on charges they stabbed both their parents and left them to die, police say.

Cody and Kevin Martinez were booked in the Sacramento County Jail on Monday, where they were charged with attempted murder following an attack that left both their parents bleeding profusely in an apartment complex parking lot Sunday night.

Police say the gory scene unfolded after a family disagreement turned violent, according to Sgt. Brown of the Sacramento Police Department's Media Unit told

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Officers responded Sunday evening after they say the twins, who are 26, ran away.

Witnesses told KOVR they discovered the mother and a man who is reportedly the men's stepfather bleeding profusely.

Telijah Brown told the station the mother had a triangular gash in her neck that spewed blood when she removed her hand.

She said the stepfather was slashed in the side, where "his intestines were coming out."

The couple was rushed to a hospital, where they were listed in serious but stable condition, according to KXTV.

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Cody and Kevin Martinez were later picked up by police at an area park, Sgt. Brown told

Both are being held without bail and both are due to appear in court Wednesday afternoon.

A family member told KXTV that the disagreement was actually between the twins and their stepfather and the mother's injury likely happened in the scuffle.

"They'd do anything for her," said the family member. "I assume...she got in the middle of it."

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