Dog With Braces Becomes Internet Celebrity

Molly Moore's puppy Wesley's teeth were causing him some serious health problems, so she got him braces.

A puppy in Michigan was facing health problems due to some dental issues, so his owner did what many parents would do for their human kids: she got him braces.

Now Wesley, an almost seven-month-old golden retriever, has become an internet celebrity thanks to an adorable picture snapped of him proudly showing off his brace face for the camera.

"It is crazy," Wesley's owner, Molly Moore, told "I did not expect it to get as big as its gotten."

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The roots of Wesley's celebrity start months ago when his teeth began to come in crooked. Moore said the pup was reluctant to play with toys and even to eat.

She weighed Wesley periodically and, when he stopped gaining weight and then began to lose weight, she decided to act.

"When his adult teeth started to come in, he was unable to close his mouth properly," Moore said.

Lucky for Wesley, his grandfather (Molly's dad) happens to be a veterinarian who specializes in animal dentistry at Veterinary Dental Solutions in Spring Lake.

Molly is herself a veterinary assistant and helped her dad, Dr. Jim Moore, with the procedure. With Wesley under anesthesia, Dr. Moore affixed the braces to Wesley's top teeth.

After the procedure, the Moores placed a photo of smiling Wesley on the Harborfront Hospital for Animals Facebook, where it has since been shared nearly 300,000 times. 

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People can't seem to get enough of Wesley.

Moore reasons it's because he's "just so darn adorable and a lot of people didn't realize there were dental procedures."

Moore explains that doggie braces are only used in instances where the dog's health is in jeopardy or the animal is in pain.

And, besides, dogs don't have to wear them nearly as long as people, in part because they grow more quickly. In Wesley's case, he'll be showing off his brand new smile after only a month and a half or so.

In the meantime, "he is happily enjoying some of the benefits of his celebrity (although he already had ample hugs, kisses and belly rubs)," Moore said. "Most importantly, he is eating well, playing, and feeling wonderful."

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