Woman Gives Birth to Second Leap Day Daughter, Four Years After the First

Looks like February 29 is about to become this Michigan family's lucky day for leap years to come.

A Michigan couple gave birth to their second leap day daughter yesterday, exactly four years after the birth of their first little girl.

"It's kind of like winning the baby lottery," mother-of-two Melissa Croff said to InsideEdition.com. 

Their newborn daughter, Evelyn Joy, was born 10 days past her Feb. 19 due date, which led their close friends to speculate early on that the sisters might have the same birthday.

But father Chad Croff always responded: "That's impossible."

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Maureen Heinz, the nurse midwife who delivered baby Evelyn, told InsideEdition.com Melissa Croff was not induced. She went into labor on the same special day that their four-year-old daughter, Eliana, was born four years earlier.

Heinz said that Melissa Croff expressed some concern that her older daughter might be a little upset to share the day.

But Heinz said she laughed and said, "I think she'll be fine."

The parents had picked the most convenient Saturday to celebrate little Eliana's birthday in the past, but they said they have something more special planned to celebrate the sisters' shared day. 

"In the future, every year that [their birthdays] actually land on the 29th, we'll do a big party for both the girls," Melissa Croff said, promising that each girl will have her own cake. "

And on the off years, they'll just get to pick whatever date they want their birthday on."

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While Heinz said she did not believe in any superstition surrounding leap day, she called the couple's second birth a miracle: "It doesn't happen very often."

"It's definitely God's design," Melissa Croff said, with a laugh. "I think He has a great sense of humor."

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