'First Women' Author: Melania's Modeling Past Could Help The Trump Campaign

Kate Andersen Brower said she believes Melania's former fashion career could be an asset to the Trump campaign.

The author of a new book about first ladies of the White House says photos Melania Trump took during her modeling years could help the Trump campaign.

"She's beautiful. She's relatively young," said Kate Andersen Brower, author of "First Women." "She’s not a Barbara Bush."

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Melania’s former fashion career could be an asset because it fits with Trump's message, she said.

"It’s really part of the Trump brand, the selling of success and power," she said. "And she's beautiful obviously and he's not shying away from it."

And while Melania's racy photos might raise eyebrows, she said: "The people who love him will still love him. Some people are jealous of him and think it’s great he's married to this supermodel."

Last week, CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield asked whether people could imagine Melania as first lady after the “pretty racy photo spreads” she had appeared in during her modeling days.

"I think it's hard to get your mind around the first lady living in the White House with those photographs out there," she said.

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A Trump spokesperson told INSIDE EDITION that the photos do not present a problem for the campaign. "Not at all," they said.

As for Melania, it seems she has entertained the thought of becoming first lady.

"I would be me," she told Anderson Cooper on CNN on Monday night. "I would be different than any other first lady."

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