15-Year-Old Boy Comes to Rescue When Tree Falls on 8-Year-Old Brother During Father's Day Camping Trip

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”I [saw] the tree and then I [saw] Robert just sitting there and ran after him," said 15-year-old Neithan Morales.

An 8-year-old boy was rescued by his big brother from a giant tree that toppled onto their campsite during a Father’s Day camping trip in Indiana. Little Robert Sanchez told WISH-TV that he was “so thankful” and said  “if he [his older brother] didn’t do it, I’d be crushed.”

”I [saw] the tree and then I [saw] Robert just sitting there and ran after him," 15-year-old Neithan Morales told the news station, People reported

Sanchez and his four brothers were camping at Lieber State Recreation Area in Cloverdale on Saturday getting a jump start on their Father’s Day celebration. 

When the incident happened, Denise Sanchez said she had been in the restroom but could hear the impact of the tree hitting the ground. "The force, the thump, was so loud, I couldn’t believe it,” according to the news outlet. Morales said he saw his little brother was trapped under the heavy tree limbs and immediately rushed to his aid. Sanchez said his “arm was hurting so bad.”

When the Putnamville Fire Department arrived they rushed the young boy to Riley Hospital for Children, where he was treated for a broken arm, and is back in his Indianapolis home resting, KCTV-5 News reported. 

Sanchez said a storm hit on Saturday night with high winds and flooding, but told the news station she "didn't expect it [the tree] to fall the next day." 

She adds, "Camping can be so fun and, in a moment's notice, anything can change."

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