Teen Screamed Like 'Bloody Murder' as Tree Falls on Family Home in Bad Weather, Mom Says

Thankfully, neither the girl nor her sister were seriously hurt.

Startling surveillance footage captured the moment a tree crashed onto a Maryland home last week, all while two teens were inside watching TV.

The video shows the two teen girls sitting in the living room with their little chihuahua, Gizmo. Ironically, the girls were home from school because of bad weather and high winds. 

A large tree can be seen falling. And suddenly, it crashes through the home's roof, coming down on top of the girls.

"I was floored. I was shocked," mom Jennifer Stone said.

Thankfully, neither were seriously hurt.

"One of them was screaming bloody murder," Stone said, adding that "they're doing OK." She said they have some cuts and bruises from the branches hitting them.

Their mom credits the kitchen fridge for saving their lives.

"If the refrigerator was not where it was in the kitchen, the girls probably would have been crushed," she said.

As for Gizmo, "he's still shook up," Stone said. "But he made it through and that's all that matters."

The family is now living in a hotel, and a GoFundMe page has been started in their name to help cover their repair costs.