15,000 National Guard Members Descend on Washington as Trump Supporters Plan to Gather on Inauguration Day

Some National Guard members were photographed sleeping on the marble floors.

Washington D.C. is being turned into a fortress, with 15,000 fully armed members of the National Guard called out to face possible crowds as tens of thousands of Trump supporters are planning to converge in D.C. on Inauguration Day.

Today, the U.S. Capitol looks like an army camp, with so many National Guard members stationed there that some are even sleeping on the marble floors.

“There's a massive element seeking to disrupt this event, this democratic event, and everyone needs to be on guard,” security expert Tim Gallagher told Inside Edition. “They're coming here, some of them, to commit violence, and to overthrow the lawfully elected government of the United States.”

There is even tightened security at airports across America, especially for flights headed to Washington, in what seems to be the highest nationwide level of anxiety around flying since 9/11. There are even demands for anyone involved in last week’s assault on the Capitol to be put on no-fly lists.

The FBI’s Norfolk, Virginia bureau reportedly warned Washington ahead of the insurrection, quoting social media posts that said, “Go there ready for war.”

A disturbing new video shows Trump supporters running amok inside a congressional office, yelling, “We need enough people. We need to push forward.”

A mystery woman with a megaphone takes over, claiming to know a detailed floor plan.

Another video showed Olympic gold medalist Klete Keller inside the Capitol in the midst of the mob. He was quickly identified by social media users by his Team USA jacket.

Keller has since been charged for obstructing law enforcement, knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol Grounds.

A 70-year-old named Lonnie Coffman was also among the latest charged. Federal agents said he had an arsenal in his pick-up truck, including Molotov cocktails made with homemade napalm, an assault rifle, a handgun and even a crossbow.

He is also accused of having a handwritten notebook naming U.S. Court of Appeals Judge David Hamilton as a bad guy, and Congressman Andre Cardon as one of two Muslims in the House of Representatives

Robert Keith Packer, who was photographed wearing a shirt that said “Camp Auschwitz Staff,” was also arrested in Virginia.

Josiah Colt, seen dangling from the Senate balcony, has turned himself into the county sheriff’s office in Boise, Idaho after posting an apology, saying, “I deeply regret being at the Capitol.”