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Farmer Spells Out 'No Trump' in Manure On His Land

Tell us how you really feel.

One Ohio farmer is letting his feelings about Donald Trump be known for all of America to see... and smell.

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Farmer Jerry Slankard, who raises beef cattle in “The Buckeye State,” spelled out the words “NO TRUMP” in cow manure. The letters were so huge that they could be seen from the sky.

His granddaughter posted a photo of the smelly slogan on social media:


Tell us how you really feel popa ??? #notrump #MyGrandpasCoolerThanYours

Posted by Ashley Slankard on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The photo was shot by 21-year-old Kayla Yoder of Dundee, Ohio as she flew in a plane above the field. She posted it to Facebook, where it has been shared over 2,000 times since Friday.

Farmer Jerry explained to the Times Reporter: “It’s just, [Trump] doesn’t have any political experience -- not to mention, he’s a bully.”

It took the famer about four hours to craft the message, according to reports.

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Farmer Jerry is far from alone in his opinion of Trump. New York City street artist Hanksy painted murals of the Republican frontrunner.


WE OUT HERE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. thousands of buttons, signs, and banners. #dumpacrossamerica #manchester

A photo posted by hanksy (@hanksynyc) on Feb 6, 2016 at 11:51am PST

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