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See The Outrageous Ways Cops Say Drivers Try to Avoid Tolls

From using grease to opening tailgates, cops say some drivers think they can get away with not paying.

Some drivers are going to outrageous lengths to avoid paying tolls, which cost tax payers tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue every year.

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To see how people are cheating the tolls, INSIDE EDITION hit the road with the Florida Highway Patrol.

Within a few minutes Trooper Luis Tejera spotted a dump truck with something odd about the license plate: it was smudged with grease.

Tejera called in the plate number and discovered the driver has paid only three tolls in three months.

“It's a clear indication that he's not paying tolls,” he told IE’s Lisa Guerrero.

The driver was given a citation for obscuring the tag.

Another man’s open tailgate blocked his license plate from toll booth cameras. The trooper says it's a common trick he sees all the time.

Guerrero asked: “Do you see any legitimate reason why he would have his gate down?”

“Legitimate reason? No,” he replied.

She asked: “Is he doing it just to get away with not paying a toll?”

“Absolutely,” Tejera said.

But the next driver actually had attached cables to his front and rear license plates. It allowed him to activate a lever that would cause the tags to fold up to hide the plates from toll booth cameras.

“As soon as he enters a toll he pulls the lever and look what happens,” Tejera said as the plate flipped up and out of sight.

The Trooper asked the driver, “Is there a reason why you would run some type of cable that runs from inside the truck secured to the tag?”

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Trooper Tejera then snipped the cables so the driver would have to pay tolls again.

And they pulled over a female driver who had a plate with a special plastic cover. Tejera says the plastic is designed to make the plate numbers illegible when viewed from the top and side – angles where toll cameras would be watching. But Trooper Tejera removed it and cited the driver. It turns out, she wasn’t just any driver; she’s a corrections officer and was still wearing her uniform when Tejera pulled her over.

But when Guerrero tried to talk with her, she rolled up her window and refused to talk.

“Aren't you a corrections officer?” Guerrero asked. “Shouldn’t you know better? You're ripping off taxpayers who are paying your salary!”

If you're thinking of giving any of these tricks a try, think again. The drivers cited in this report are all facing huge fines and could lose their driving privileges.

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