Dad Avoids Jail After Molesting 6-Year-Old Daughter Who Had Cancer

Jeremy Schwer, 41, pleaded guilty Tuesday to felony child molesting, which police say took place while he cared for his sick daughter.

An Indianapolis father pleaded guilty this week to molesting his cancer-stricken daughter, but he won't get any jail time.

Jeremy Schwer, 41, admitted on Tuesday that he inappropriately touched his daughter while caring for her while she underwent chemotherapy to treat a brain tumor.

While the Marion County Prosecutor's Office asked for a prison term of nine years, Magistrate Steven Rubick sentenced Schwer to 12 years probation. His estranged wife wrote a letter to the court asking that her husband be spared jail so that he can help support the family financially.

It was also Schwer's wife who initially turned him into police after their daughter revealed Schwer had been touching her inappropriately for a year, court documents say.

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The incidents occurred while the girl was being treated for cancer and the parents alternated staying with her at night.

On nights Schwer was with the girl, she reportedly told her mother he touched her father's  "peepeeluca" and that he told her to sit on his "cat tail."

The girl said Schwer told her not to tell anyone or he would go to jail, documents said.

In addition to probation, Schwer was ordered to register as a sex offender and undergo treatment.

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For her part, Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Courtney Curtis "completely" disagrees with the sentence.

"This is the most horrific circumstance of a child molest case that I’ve ever seen," she said told the Indy Star. Court documents show the prosecutor does not plan to appeal, however.

Through his attorney, Schwer said he "absolutely" plans to provide financially for the family. However, he only recently got a job after being fired within days of his 2015 arrest.

He was also living in the family home, which the judge ordered him to vacate so his estranged wife and kids can move back in.

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