Good-Looking Cop Accidentally Becomes Internet Sensation After Visiting 3-Year-Old Who Loves Police

The Westminster Police Department posted a photo of an officer, not realizing how much attention it would receive from women around the world.

When three-year-old Minh Tatun Khang told his parents he was a big fan of the police, his parents called into their local station to ask if their son could meet an officer.

The Westminster Police Department in California then sent Officer Miguel "Mike" Gradilla to visit with Minh, who sported a tiny police uniform.

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But, after the Westminster Police Department posted a picture of Minh and Officer Gradilla, it seems every woman on social media wants their own cop for a day.

"Can I meet Officer Gradilla too?" One commenter on the post said.

"I need help! Call 911 and have this officer rescue me!" Another commenter joked.

The Westminster Police Department received more than 4,000 comments on their Facebook post, while other fans called into the station directly asking for Officer Gradilla. CBS Los Angeles reported that fans from as far as Australia have called into the station.

Commander Cameron Knauerhaze told that in terms of a catch, Officer Gradilla is the "real deal." When he's not out saving lives, Commander Knauerhaze said that he can be found coaching kids sports, or volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club.

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In fact, the Westminster Police Department is about to get that much more good looking! Commander Knauerhaze told that they just began training Officer Gradilla's younger brother to join the team.

According to Knauerhaze, Officer Sam Gradilla is the "taller and younger" version of the internet sensation.

"We have a lot of good looking young officers that would turn some heads, undoubtably," Knauerhaze said. But his team is also filled with great officers, who are more than willing to help the community. 

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