'Bachelor' Contestant: Lady Gaga Gave Me The Courage to Reveal That I Was Raped | Inside Edition

'Bachelor' Contestant: Lady Gaga Gave Me The Courage to Reveal That I Was Raped

Jade Roper told INSIDE EDITION that the attack left her feeling worthless.

Lady Gaga's Oscar performance has encouraged sexual assault victims to come forward to describe their pain.

Former Bachelor contestant Jade Roper told INSIDE EDITION she was awestruck by the singer's honesty.

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"Just to see her get up there and just (be a) champion for rape victims was a beautiful thing. It just really inspired me."

Roper married fellow contestant Tanner Tolbert in a recent network special.

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After watching Lady Gaga perform Sunday night with 50 survivors of campus sexual abuse, Roper said she decided to publicly talk about being raped at age 17. We spoke to her in Kansas City, Missouri.

"I didn't think I was worthy of love, I didn't think I had any value," she said, weeping. "I hated myself."

Watching Lady Gaga, she said, "I'm a victim of sexual assault and when I saw that I was like - if they can be strong, I can be strong. It really gave me the courage to speak out."

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