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Cops: Man Breaks Into Convenience Store, Leaves $6 For Cigarettes

Before the New Mexico man left the convenience store with his cigarettes, he waved $6 in front of security cameras to pay for them.

When a New Mexico convenience store was broken into, police say security footage showed the man leaving money in the till, instead of taking off with all the cash.

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WTLV reported that according to the Las Cruces Police department, Ellis Batista and another man had originally arrived at Bradley's convenience store to purchase cigarettes late Sunday night. While the convenience store is normally open 24 hours a day, Batista and friend found the clerk off duty, and the store locked.

Instead of purchasing cigarettes from the 24-hour Walgreen's across the street, witnesses saw Batista aggressively pounding on the door, before finally kicking and breaking the door, WTLV reported.

Store surveillance cameras then showed the suspect entering the store, and grabbing a pack of cigarettes, cops say. Instead of leaving immediately, the good-natured suspect reportedly left behind $6 in exchange for the item. To make this clear, security footage captured Batista waving the bills in front of the camera.

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Police officers soon located Batista and charged him with breaking and entering. He has since posted $4,000 bond, and will appear in court March 8.

No charges were filed against his friend, who never entered the store, WTLV reported. 

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