Watch 10 Masked Raiders Steal At Least 50 Weapons in Under 2 Minutes

Police are on the lookout for the thieves.

The manhunt is on for the gang that invaded a gun shop and took off with a terrifying cache of weapons.

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A pickup truck backed up outside Carter’s Country Guns and Ammo in Houston Texas and, using a chain connected to the vehicle, ripped off the security gate from its hinges at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, authorities said. 

At least 10 raiders then poured into the store and stole an arsenal of weapons, surveillance footage showed. The group smashed display cases with hammers so they could grab the weapons, the footage showed.

At least 50 weapons were taken in just two minutes.

Former NYPD Detective Sgt. Joe Giacalone, who analyzed the video for INSIDE EDITION, said: “Everyone seems to have an assigned role.”

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“You don’t pull off a stunt like this without doing some operational surveillance," Giacalone said.

Cops said they have made three arrests connected to the raid so far. They believe the stolen firearms may be heading straight to the streets.

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