Inside Barack Obama's Boyhood Homes in Indonesia

INSIDE EDITION visits Barack Obama's childhood homes in Indonesia.

INSIDE EDITION has your look into the houses in Indonesia where Barack Obama lived when he was a young boy.

The inside of the first house includes a large living room leading into a dining room and an atrium overlooking the kitchen.

At some point, the future President moved to another, fancier house. He did his homework every day in a small study.

He was known then as Barry Soetero, after taking the last name of his Indonesian stepfather.

Every weekday morning his mother would bring him breakfast in his bedroom at 4 a.m. and then tutor him in English for three hours.

The President says much has changed since he lived there almost 40 years ago. "This marks my return to where I lived as a young boy. I will tell you, though, that I barely recognize it," he said.

The elementary school he attended was the Asisi Catholic Grammar School in Jakarta. The school now has a statue of a young Barack Obama to honor its most famous student.