Watch as Children Spill The Truth Not Realizing Parents Are in The Room

A disguised parent asks her kids: "Are there any secrets you're keeping from your mother?"

Ever wonder what children do while their parents are away? Some YouTube personalities decided to find out.

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"We had no idea what to expect," Field Day Creative Director Jordan Stone told "The video could have ended up heartwarming, hilarious, tragic, and anywhere in between."

Promise Phan, a Youtuber known for her make-up tutorials, collaborated with Field Day to put together the video.

She disguised parents, and after a two-hour makeover, she and a hired actor invited parents to sit in as they asked the children revealing questions.

"What are some of the bad words your parents say?" the video shows the actor asking.

"The D-word and the H-words," the kids responded.

The video shows the adults sitting quietly as their children acted out their parents' dance moves, and  impersonated their singing faces.

The kids also revealed they jumped on the couch and stole candy when their parents weren't looking. 

"Are there any secrets you're keeping from your mother?" A parent-in-disguise asks. Reluctantly, her daughters burst into giggles and told the truth.

"We broke her red necklace," they said.

Another of her children responds: "I broke the refrigerator."

"Children have such a strong bond with their mothers and fathers that we thought they might see right through the amazing makeup and prosthetics," Stone told, but eventually even Phan's make-up skills could not stop one girl from discovering the truth.

"That's my mom!" one girl exclaimed.

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Other children were not so quick to notice. Some looked around, and asked: "Is he really here?"

Others laughed nervously, and shied away when asked to hug their disguised parents.

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