'Coolest Cop' Becomes Internet Star For Letting Off Speeding Motorcyclist With Fist-Bump and a Warning | Inside Edition

'Coolest Cop' Becomes Internet Star For Letting Off Speeding Motorcyclist With Fist-Bump and a Warning

"Coolest cop" lets off speeding motorcyclist with a laugh, a warning, and a fist bump.

A video showing a California cop laughing and letting a speeding motorcyclist off with a warning is going viral on the Internet.

The footage has been viewed nearly 300,000 times on YouTube and shows a man witha head-mounted camera blazing down a Fresno steet on a sport bike. He gets pulled over by a motorcycle cop who seems more amused than angry.

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The driver, who spoke to InsideEditon.com, said he posted the video to show that police officers are good folks.

"I wanted to tell him thanks. I want to let him know that he’s a little Internet hero ... It’s so easy for the negatives to outweigh the positive, said the 25-year-old rider, who asked only to be identified as Zach.


In the video, Zach tells the officer he just got on the bike, about a minute before being pulled over.

"I've been in a good mood so far," the cop tells him. "Please slow down."

"You got it," Zach replies. "Will do."

"I know it's a nice day," the officer says.

"Guilty," Zach says. The cop laughs, give Zach a fist bump, and rides away.

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The speeding motorcyclist says his video has gotten tons of comments.

"Many people say they wished that they had cops like that where they live. He’s the coolest cop I’ve ever seen. I want to make sure this got out there," he said.

His bike is capable of reaching speeds up to 175 mph, he says.

"I think cops understand the ease at which motorcycles accelerate," he said. 

A phone message left by Inside Edition with the Fresno Police Department was not immediately returned Thursday evening.

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