Woman Arrested For Driving With Forged License Plate That She Painted on Cardboard

The Erie County Sheriff's Office posted on their Facebook: "In case you are wondering, homemade cardboard license plates are NOT legal."

Just in case it wasn't clear, the Erie County Sheriff's Office wanted to remind everyone that "homemade cardboard license plates are NOT legal."

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A woman from Upstate New York was pulled over yesterday for alledgedly driving around with a license plate that she had created herself.

According to a photo posted to the Erie County Sheriff's Office, the "license" was painted on cardboard to look like a real New York license plate.

While she might have created beautiful piece of artwork, it wasn't enough to convince the cops.

Police pulled over Amanda Schweickert and discovered that on top of the forged license plate, she had been driving with a suspended license and no insurance, according to the Daily News.

The Daily News reported that the 28-year-old was charged with possession of a forged instrument, driving with a suspended license, and three other traffic infractions.

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Schweikert's bail was set at $400 and she will appear in court later today.

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