Did Trump and Megyn Kelly Really Play Nice at the Debate? A Body Language Expert Weighs In

It seems they have buried the hatchet.

The anticipated rematch between Donald Trump and Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly didn't come until a half an hour into the latest GOP debate, but viewers hoping to see a show-down were likely disappointed as the pair avoided hostilities during the prime-time event.

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“Mr. Trump, hi,” Kelly greeted Trump during the debate Thursday night.

“Hello,” Trump said. 

“You’re looking well. You’re looking well,” he added.

“As are you,” Kelly said.

But was it really as nice-nice as it appeared? INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian spoke to body language expert Tonya Ryman who analyzed their exchanges. 

Ryman said both Kelly and Trump did great at exuding confidence and wanted to “play nice for the evening.”

Ryman noted that their initial exchange was genuine.

“It started off with pleasantries and seemed genuine for two people that don’t really like each other," Ryman said. 

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“The great thing about this was that Megyn Kelly was super prepared," Ryman continued. "She did set it up very nice and then she goes and schools Trump on his own university. This was where you saw him, one again, lose a little of the cool.”

Trump famously boycotted the last GOP debate held on Fox News because of a feud he had with Kelly. 

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