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7-Year-Old Left Speechless When Marine Brother Surprises Him With Early Homecoming

Chance Lutz jumped into his older brother's arms the moment he saw the Marine walk across the front of the room.

After his brother was away on a six-month-long deployment, seven-year-old Chance Lutz was left speechless when his Marine older brother surprised him his early return.

CBS New York's coverage of the event showed Chance leaping up from his seat when 24-year-old Tim Lutz strolled in at the end of a school assembly, and leaping into his arms for a big hug.

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"Chance was so taken and speechless," Renee Lutz said to InsideEdition.com. "The tears in that room were unbelievable."

Although Tim had arrived the night before, the mother of four wanted to keep the surprise from Chance until the next day.

Renee Lutz had brought her youngest son to visit his grandmother while her husband and older son were picking Tim up from the airport. On the way to grandmother's house, Chance began talking about how much he missed his older brother.

Renee Lutz said to InsideEdition.com that she was tempted to tell Chance immediately about Tim's return, but decided to hold off until the next day. They stayed at Chance's grandmother's house until late so he would go straight to bed when they got home, and not cross paths with Timmy.

Even though Renee had planned for her eldest son to surprise her youngest, she said that it was her and Timmy that were truly surprised by the homecoming.

Renee Lutz told InsideEdition.com that she originally expected to send Tim to pick up Chance after classes, until her husband received an unexpected call from the school telling them to come in earlier.

When they arrived to the school around noon, the principal greeted them, and explained that news crews arrived to shoot a different segment, but wanted to capture the surprise reunion, too. The school had been congregated in an assembly, and the principal wanted to invite Tim to surprise Chance in front of the entire school after a quick speech about military appreciation.

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Before Tim returns to his home base in North Carolina on Monday, Renee Lutz said that Tim plans to play catch or watch episodes of SpongeBob with his youngest sibling.

"Big tough Marine watching SpongeBob." Renee Lutz laughed. 

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