Secrets of People Who Say They Never Get Sick

INSIDE EDITION talks to people who share their secrets for never getting sick, and some of their methods may shock you.

Is there the secret to never getting sick? Would you eat vegetables covered in dirt to avoid the flu? Can a common household product keep you healthy?

We tracked down a group of people who say they never get sick, and they reveal some bizarre secrets that will truly shock you.

In Clearwater, Florida, 62-year old Bill Thompson dunks his head in hydrogen peroxide diluted with water every morning. Sometimes he puts iodine in the water. He submerges his whole face, opening and closing his eyes and blowing bubbles out his nose.

The busy television producer says he hasn't been sick in 27 years all because of a crazy looking regimen that kills germs around his nose and mouth.

"This is the secret to never being sick," said Thompson.

Meanwhile, one woman in Manhattan is eating dirt. That's right dirt!

"A little dirt is good for you," says Patricia Burke.

Burke is doing something right. Would you believe she's 68? Her secret is eating unwashed vegetables with a coating of dirt. She says the dirt fires up her immune system, keeping her healthy.

Burke says, "My secret is that I have a strong immune system, because I don't baby my immune system. I don't wash every little thing that goes into my mouth."

In Redondo Beach, California, Barbara Pritzkat swears by drinking a yucky-looking concoction five days a week. It's called brewer's yeast. A vitamin B rich powder that's used to bake bread and brew beer.

Pritzkat is 84-years-old and still going strong. Her story and all the others are documented in a new book, The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick.

Gene Stone, author, said, "For the most part, there's medical evidence for every one of the secrets in the book."

By the way, it's always a good idea to check with your doctor before trying any remedy.

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