Woman Keys Foul-Mouthed Message on Officer's Car After Getting a Parking Ticket

She also tore up the ticket with her teeth, all the while her baby was sitting in the stroller in front of her.

No one likes receiving parking tickets, but this woman had an especially strong response.

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A California woman was sitting on the hood of her car and talking on the phone when a parking officer came by to leave her a ticket, KCBS reported.

Instead of speaking to the officer, she waited until she left, and tore up the ticket with her teeth, surveillance footage shows. She appeared to still be speaking on the phone while watching her baby in a stroller in front of her.

She then allegedly used her key to inscribe a profane two-worded response on the parking officer's car.

The woman and her baby appeared to wait inside their car until the officer returned after a stroll around the lot. When the officer failed to notice the message, the woman pointed it out to her.

"Nobody likes to get a ticket, but we don't recommend you take a key and carve profanities into a city vehicle," Corporal Anthony Bertagna from the Santa Ana Police Department said to InsideEdition.com. 

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According to the Santa Ana Police Department, they do not yet have a suspect in custody. The vehicle was purchased second-hand, and the license had not yet been registered, Corporal Bertagna said. 

Upon arrest, the woman in the video will be charged with malicious damage to a city vehicle, Corporal Bertagna said.

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