Sheryl Underwood On Her Sex Abuse, Husband's Suicide: 'You Have to Laugh to Keep From Crying'

'The Talk' host told INSIDE EDITION how humor got her through the heartbreak.

There are bombshell revelations from The Talk's Sheryl Underwood.

She fought back tears as her co-hosts on The Talk applauded her bravery for going public by speaking about long-kept secrets in People magazine.

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She says she was sexually abused multiple times during her childhood. Her mother, she said, blamed her after walking in on one of the attacks.

The TV personality also said she witnessed her mother stabbing her father during an argument. Her father survived.

She told IE’s Jim Moret, “People who didn't like me or didn't understand me are now coming back to me and saying, ‘No wonder’ or ‘I am so sorry I didn't get to know you better.’”

She joined the Air Force Reserves to get away from her family life.

But trouble followed her there too. She says that enroute to an Air Force station in Illinois, she was raped and her attacker was never caught.

Moret asked: “How do you keep your head up and how do stay positive?”

“I believe God doesn’t give you more than you can bear,” she replied.

Her marriage was also marred by heartache - her husband Michael, who she believes suffered from clinical depression, killed himself in 1990.

Moret asked: “When you lost your husband, did you ask yourself questions, ‘Was it me?’”

“I asked all those questions,” she answered. 

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One of the greatest joys of her life has been joining the cast of The Talk where her frankness and humor are mainstays of the program. 

She says humor sustained her, and she hopes that by telling her story, she can help others.

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