Teen Pilot Makes Successful Emergency Landing on a Golf Course

A teen was forced to land a small aircraft on the 12th fairway of the St. Petersburg Country Club.

A teenage pilot avoided catastrophe Saturday when he was able to safely land a plane on a Florida golf course.

The two-seater fixed-wing aircraft began experiencing mechanical problems around 1:45 p.m. while flying to Manatee County, WTSP reports.

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The  unnamed 18-year-old pilot was instructed by air traffic controllers to proceed to a St. Petersburg airport,

However, the teen realized he wouldn't make it and that he had a decision to make.

That's when he bravely decided to put the aircraft down at the St. Petersburg Country Club. 

He was then able to land the plane on the 12th fairway without injuring himself or his teenage passenger.

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The landing initially left the plane in good shape, as well. However, one of the wings clipped a tree, leaving it hanging limply off the side of the aircraft.

No injuries were reported on the ground and no fuel was leaking from the plane. The area of the golf course immediately surrounding the crash site was quickly cordoned off.

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