Man Wins $290 Million Powerball Jackpot While His Brother Wins Just $7

James Stocklas, 67, of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania won big on Wednesday. His brother Bob won small.

A judge from Pennsylvania won big on last week's Powerball drawing. His brother won small.

But after James Stocklas, 67, came forward to claim his $291,400,000 prize on Friday, his brother Bob was good humored enough to come forward with him to claim his own--albeit more modest--prize.

Bob won $7.

Bob Stocklas even posed with his brother for a Florida lottery photo in which each man holds a giant novelty check, one of them for 41,628,571 times more cash than the other.

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James Stocklas bought his winning ticket while vacationing with friends and family in the Florida Keys, where the semi-retired judge spends a month fishing each year.

"I occasionally play the lottery back home and when I'm in Florida," Stocklas said in a Florida lottery release.

The vacation had ended by the time Wednesday's numbers were drawn and Stocklas had settled back into his routine back in Pennsylvania.

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"I go to the same restaurant every day for breakfast and before I began drinking my coffee or reading the paper, I pulled up the news on my phone and saw a headline about a Florida POWERBALL winner," Socklas explained. "I got my POWERBALL ticket out of my wallet to check the numbers, and sure enough, I was the jackpot winner!"

Stocklas then bought breakfast for everyone in the restaurant and called his friends and family. "We are going back to Florida!" he told them.

Stocklas claimed the his prize at Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee, where he chose to take the lump-sum payment of $191,470,307.58.

It was not known at press time how Bob would receive his $7.

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