Hulk Hogan Leads Fans to Safety After Structural Issues Rock Store During Autograph Signing

The Hulkster leaped to action on Wednesday after the hundreds who'd lined up at his Florida event felt some scary shaking.

Is Hulk Hogan a hero? Some might say so after he led throngs of fans to safety from his quaking Florida beach store.

The rumble went down Saturday as around 500 folks lined up to meet the pro-wrestling legend at his store in a Clearwater shopping plaza.

The event was cut short around 12:30 p.m. when the attendees, who'd paid $50 to $100 per ticket, felt a shaking beneath them.

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Hogan, aka Terry Bollea, later said it felt like an earthquake, his attorney David Houston told the Miami Herald.

"You could see some structural change in the building. The support columns that were holding up the second floor separated from the concrete floor, and they were just hanging there," Houston said.

Realizing that everyone needed to get out of the building, Hogan "started leading people across the street and out of danger," Houston said.

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Houston believes nearby excavation workers may have damaged the buidling's foundation. The area fire department evacuated the entire shopping center.

Judging from Hogan's social media posts, many of Saturday's fans were able to see their hero face to face despite the evacuation.

"After all the craziness it was all worth it getting to meet so many beautiful people," Hogan wrote on Facebook late Saturday, along with photos from the meet and greet.

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