Arnold Schwarzenegger Endorses John Kasich for President On Snapchat

Hollywood actor and former California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger has endorsed the Ohio governor, who is in a distant fourth place.

Despite being in a distant fourth place in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, John Kasich picked up a big name endorsement Saturday.

Arnold Scharzenegger announced he'd be putting his weight behind the Ohio governor using Snapchat.

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"I want John Kasich to be the next nominee of the Republicans and the next president of the United States," the governator said on the social media account.

Columbus, Ohio rally w/ Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Posted by John Kasich on Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kasich replied: 

"Thank you, Arnold," the governor said. "Love you man."

The announcement was made ahead of Schwarzenegger's appearance at a Kasich rally in Columbus on Sunday.

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Kasich has yet to win a primary state and his enlistment of the actor turned politician is part of his campaign's battle to win his home state. A win in Ohio is widely seen as Kasich's only shot at staying in the race.

Ohioans hit the polls March 15 with 66 delegates at stake.

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