Blogger Mom Tells People To Stop Pitying Her Baby Daughter's Birthmark

"We don't need to talk about it every time you look at her," baby Charlie's mom Katie Crenshaw said.

An Atlanta blogger has responded to friends, family and strangers who pity her infant daughter for a large birth mark across her face.

Six-month-old Charlie Kate Crenshaw was born with a capillary hemangioma on her face. In a blog post, her mom Katie Crenshaw explained the defect can close airways or could indicate a more serious disorder but, in her baby's case, the hemangioma is no more than a cosmetic birthmark.

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Which is exactly why Katie asks her friends, family, and total strangers to "hold the pity."

"They were saying things like, 'poor baby' and 'praying that it goes away,'" Crenshaw told "People were praying away one of her precious characteristics." 

Crenshaw explained in her blog that the mark is no more than part of her appearance: "Her hemangioma is just as insignificant to who she is as a freckle on her arm." 

"People tend to immediately pity people who look different," Crenshaw added to "I hope Charlie will grow up as an example that beauty isn't synonymous with society's definition." 

After posting her thoughts on her blog, Twelve & Six, emails and comments flooded in from parents in similar situations.

"I deal with this every day [and] the remarks we hear are unbelievable," a follower of her blog commented, "but the Lord made [my daughter] absolutely flawless."

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Even people born with the condition themselves spoke up. "I'm glad I never removed it, I'm proud of it," one said.

Crenshaw encourages others in her position to seek out Hemangioma Parents Group, a Facebook group created to support other parents of children with hemangioma.

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