See Inside The Mountaintop Ranch Where Nancy and Ronald Reagan Lived

Ronald Reagan famously wrote love letters to his wife from a private room inside the California ranch.

Almost 20 years after their marriage, Ronald and Nancy Reagan bought a mountaintop retreat outside Santa Barbara, California.

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The ranch was purchased in 1974 from the Reagans and they called it “Rancho Del Cielo” or “Ranch in the Sky.”

At the ranch they enjoyed riding together. President Reagan used to say: "the ranch isn't heaven, but it has the same zip code."

It's now owned by a conservation group and is preserved today as it was then.

Former caretaker Floyd Brown once took INSIDE EDITION on a tour of the ranch.

He showed some of the presidential hats and even the president's bathrobe.

They first saw the land in 1974, when Reagan was Governor of California. However, the climb to the ranch's hilltop was almost too much for Nancy.

“She said: ‘It's time to turn back now.’ And he said: ‘No, let's go a little bit farther.” And finally when they got to the top of the hill they fell in love with it,” Brown said.

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They bought the ranch and kept it for a quarter of a century, until 1997. Leaders from all over the world were greatly amused by the ranch's shower because it was shaped like the Liberty Bell.

But there was one part of the ranch that was sacred -- a place for Ron and Nancy to be alone.

“None of the dignitaries were allowed to come inside this most private room,” Brown said.

It was truly a retreat for the president and his beloved first lady.

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