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Doppelgangers From Across The World Meet For the First Time

The look-a-likes traveled to Los Angeles to meet each other for a freaky weekend to remember.

This woman couldn't believe her eyes when she found her doppelganger from all the way across the world.

Maddy from Washington State and Amber from Perth, Australia got the chance to meet each other in Los Angeles after being paired up through, a website that matches people that look alike.

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"When I first met Amber, it really felt natural, like meeting a long lost friend," Maddy, 23, said in an interview. "We instantly connected."

Amber, 22, said that because their faces were so alike, she was inspired to dye her hair purple to match her twin's during their weekend in Los Angeles.

Even their boyfriends were convinced. Twin Strangers said to that Tito, Maddy's boyfriend, and Callum, Amber's boyfriend, did double takes each time they went to hug their girlfriends.

The look-a-likes also discovered that they had bizarre similarities beyond their facial features. 

"We both had similar mannerisms that we didn't even notice until other people pointed them out," Amber said in an interview. "We'd [sit or stand] in the exact same position, or do something at the same time." 

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Interestingly enough, the pair graduated from high school and beauty school in the same year and both have tattoos on their shoulders. Their moms, who both have Austrian ancestry, were born a day apart.

At the end of the visit, they were offered a DNA test to confirm that they are, in fact, not related. 

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