Dolly Parton Shares Her Sadness Over Joey Feek's Death: 'It Hit Me Like It Was a Relative' | Inside Edition

Dolly Parton Shares Her Sadness Over Joey Feek's Death: 'It Hit Me Like It Was a Relative'

The country singer passed away aged 40 from cancer on Friday.

Dolly Parton has given a moving tribute to the late country singer Joey Feek.

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INSIDE EDITION caught up with Dolly in Nashville where the country music legend announced a North America tour and a new album, Dolly Pure And Simple.

"When I heard that she had passed, it really hit me like a relative. It really made my heart sad," Parton told IE. 

Feek passed away last week after a brave battle with stage four cervical cancer. She was huge fan of Dolly, who made an inspiring video message that Joey watched from her hospital bed.

“I've heard that you're a big fan. Well, I want you to know I appreciate that and I want you to know I’m sorry that you're not feeling good. I just wanted to take a chance to say thank you for loving me, and I’ll be loving you,” Dolly said in the message.

The final days of Joey's life were documented by her husband, fellow country singer Rory Feek, including one last kiss to their youngest daughter Indiana.

Joey dreamed of one day meeting Dolly, and often performed a classic Dolly Parton hit, "Coat of Many Colors” at her concerts.

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Joey's dying wish was to be buried at the family's farm house.

Rory posted a photo of farm house on Instagram with a haunting caption.


...making plans that I hoped we would never have to make.

A photo posted by Joey+Rory (@roryandjoey) on Mar 6, 2016 at 8:04am PST

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