Watch Cops Belt Out 'Don't Stop Believin' from Inside a Patrol Car

Spoiler alert: Detective Mark Post and Officer Bryce Raber also have some fun with the air guitar.

The two Colorado officers first appear to be stretching their necks until they suddenly burst into a full sing-a-long to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin,'" all captured from inside their patrol car.

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Detective Mark Post, in the passenger's seat, and Officer Bryce Raber, behind the wheel, bob their heads as they hit the high notes and do air guitar and drum solos. 

"They basically came up with the video as a way to inspire other officers and the community," Palisade police chief Debra Funston told "A lot of officers have been killed in our community this year, and they want to get a positive message out." 

"It can be a very stressful and difficult job, and [Prost and Raber] both have a very good sense of humor," Funston added.

As the song wraps up, an exasperated-looking woman appears in the backseat and says from behind the partition: "Can we please just go to jail?"

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"Her name is Thalia Ellis, and she's the records manager," Funston said. "They wanted to add a humorous ending to it, and I think it came out well." 

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