The Not So Fast Or Furious: Two Elderly Women Take a Lamborghini For a Ride

They felt the need for speed....sorta.

Two California grandmothers took a 650 horsepower Lamborghini out for a spin in Los Angeles.

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Audrey and Peggy started off by struggling to get the car, which retails for over $300,000, out of the driveway. Once they got the high-octane automobile on the road, it was slow speeding down Venice Boulevard.

The grannies waved and said hi to confused pedestrians who couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

The video titled “Two Grannies, One Lamborghini” was shot and posted by Donut Media, one of the fastest growing automotive channels on YouTube.

In typical grandmother fashion, the ladies went grocery shopping and had a hard time parking the car. Once they walked out of the store with their groceries in hand, they had no idea where to put the food.

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One man, a fellow car enthusiast, came to the rescue.

Peggy encouraged Audrey to go chat up the man but his eyes were for the car.

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