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14 Injured After Commuter Train Strikes Fallen Tree and Plunges Into Creek

A San Francisco Bay area commuter train derailed Monday night, leaving 14 people injured, with four in serious condition.

A California commuter train derailed Monday night and plunged into a creek swollen from El Nino-powered rain storms.

Fourteen people were injured after the Altamont Corridor Express, known as the ACE train, struck a fallen tree and went off the tracks around 7:15 p.m., officials said.

The train's first car completely derailed and became partially submerged in Alameda Creek. The second car also left the tracks but remained upright.

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Nine people in total were taken to a hospital after they were pulled from the cars by Alameda first responders.

VIDEO: #ALCOFirefighters conduct a search of the derailed train in #Sunol. pic.twitter.com/fA2XeTENWU

March 8, 2016

Four passengers suffered serious injuries. However, officials said none of them were life-threatening.

A total of 214 people were aboard the train, which departed San Jose about 6:40 p.m. and was scheduled to arrive in Stockton by 9 p.m., the LA Times reports.

Firefighters completed their work at the scene by 2 a.m.

Nonetheless, all ACE trains were canceled for Tuesday. 

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The accident came as California was lashed by powerful storms fueled by an unusually strong El Nino.

The storms, which affected both Northern and Southern California, have been blamed for two deaths.

A Sacramento woman drowned when the car she was in drove into floodwaters and became submerged, reports KCRA.

In San Ramon, officials blamed a wet roadway after a motorist was killed when a car jumped roadway and hit some trees.

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