Here's The Ad Bloomberg Would Have Aired If He'd Run For President

The former New York City mayor even had a running mate in mind.

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced on Monday that he will not be running for president.

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But before the announcement, he'd made an ad that he was going to air if he ran as an independent. The ad was obtained by The New York Times. 

Bloomberg had even reportedly selected a running mate: former Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff, General Michael Mullen.

He made the announcement that he will not run in an entry on Bloomberg View in an article titled “The Risk I Will Not Take.” He wrote that he would not be able to win the election or gain enough Electoral College votes.

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He also discussed his friendship with Donald Trump before taking aim at his campaign.

“He has run the most divisive and demagogic presidential campaign I can remember, preying on people’s prejudices and fears. Abraham Lincoln, the father of the Republican Party, appealed to our “better angels.” Trump appeals to our worst impulses,” Bloomberg wrote.

“We cannot ‘make America great again’ by turning our backs on the values that made us the world’s greatest nation in the first place," he continued. "I love our country too much to play a role in electing a candidate who would weaken our unity and darken our future -- and so I will not enter the race for president of the United States.”

He also wrote that while he is not ready to endorse a candidate, he will “not stay silent about the threat of partisan extremism.”

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