Kanye West Lashes Out at The Today Show

Kanye West blasts the Today Show for playing video of him interrupting Taylor Swift at last year's MTV Awards, during his interview with Matt Lauer. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Fireworks on the set of the Today Show, as Kanye West calls his interview, "ridiculous."

The morning show played the raw video of West's explosive interview after the rap star lashed out at Matt Lauer on Twitter, accusing him of "(trying) to force my answers. It was very brutal."  The headline in today's New York Times reads, "Via Twitter, Kanye West chafes at Today interview."

The most contentious part of the sit-down came as West said that he was unfairly labeled a racist after he grabbed the mic from Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Awards.

"It was so funny that it would be a race thing, because what I was expressing was my frustration from years and years of seeing, you know..."

You can hear West pause as producers play video of the incident. Then, there was this.

West said, "Yo, how am I supposed to talk if you're going to run this thing in the middle while I'm talking. Please don't ever let that happen again. It's like ridiculous."

On Twitter, West wrote, "Yo I really wonder if Matt Lauer thought that **** was cool to play the MTV clip...?"

Lauer responded this morning, saying, "It's something we do every day when a guest is talking about an incident or a location, we run video of that location or that incident. That's what all the hub-bub is about."

"Ok, doesn't seem like much," said Meredith Viera.