Hulk Hogan Denies Using Sex Tape For Publicity: 'It Flipped My World Upside Down' | Inside Edition

Hulk Hogan Denies Using Sex Tape For Publicity: 'It Flipped My World Upside Down'

Hogan said he laughed about the tape in interviews to "make the best of a bad situation."

The testimony in Hulk Hogan's $100 million lawsuit against online gossip site Gawker grew ever more explicit as the wrestling celebrity answered questions about his body parts and sexual prowess.

In a clip played from the "Bubba The Love Sponge Show," the shock jock and Hogan discussed the length of Hogan’s penis.

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Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, said such interviews were part of his persona as Hulk Hogan and not an indication of his real life.

“I do not have a 10-inch penis,” Hogan said, referring to an interview he did in character. “Terry Bollea’s penis is not 10 inches.”

“I was totally Hulk Hogan [during the show] because I wasn’t at home in my private house,” Hogan said.

The reality TV star is suing Gawker for its posting of a sex tape between Hogan and the disk jockey's wife, Heather, claiming it humiliated and embarrassed him.

During cross-examination in the Florida trial, a Gawker attorney grilled Hogan about his 2012 appearance on Howard Stern's show, during which Hogan talked about the sex tape.

"Doesn't the tape in a way make you look like a god? You look good physically. You come off like a stud," Stern is heard saying in an audio outtake.

Hogan replied he had "seen about 15 seconds of it" and "it was all a joke... and I was just going along with it."

He did not use the tape for publicity, Hogan said. "It flipped my world upside down," he said.

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Gawker claims it had a First Amendment right to post the tape because Hogan frequently talked publicly about his sex life.

Hogan testified he had no problem with articles written about the tape.

“My problem is the videotape. It’s on the Internet. It lives forever,” Hogan said.

He said he willingly had sex with his then-best friend's wife, with Bubba's blessing, but didn't know the tryst was being taped.

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