Abandoned Stray Puppies Given The Transformation of a Lifetime After Being Rescued

Footage captured by the rescue team shows the puppies squealing, not even mature enough to let out a full bark.

Five stray puppies, reportedly abandoned by their mother, were given the transformation of a lifetime when a rescue team finally brought them off the streets.

After giving birth to her litter, the mother of the pups left one day in search of food, rescue team Hope for Paws said in a statement. She never returned.

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The litter was soon discovered by a group of good Samaritans, and for two weeks, they fed the puppies, hoping the mother would return.

Finally, Hope for Paws wrote that they were finally asked to intervene, and they captured the entire mission on video.

When they arrived, the video shows the frightened pups scrounging on bits of food in the gravel. 

They first secured the area so the puppies wouldn't run loose by placing a fence around vicinity. Even then, the puppies retreated into the bushes, and tried to hide in the thicket.

Two of the pups were within reach. As seen in the video, volunteers lured them in, and were able to pull them out of the thicket.

The video shows the puppies squealing when they are pulled out, barely mature enough to bark. The puppies also attempt to wriggle out of the volunteer's arms, but finally relaxes when it is pulled closer to her chest.

It was harder for the volunteers to get to the other three dogs. They had hidden under more dense vegetation, forcing the volunteers to crawl deeper in the brushes to reach them.

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After the strays were finally rescued, they were brought back to the Hope for Paws headquarters, bathed and given medical treatment. They can also be seen playing with other dogs soon after.

Within two days, the five puppies were transformed and ready to be adopted from Lucky Puppy: Rescue and Retail, Hope for Paws wrote.

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