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After Attack By Romney, Trump Boasts About His Products During Victory Speech

Donald Trump is showing off the size of his business.

After racking up big wins in Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii, Donald Trump turned his victory speech into what looked like a segment from the Home Shopping Network.

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The GOP frontrunner showed off his many Trump-branded products on Tuesday night in an effort to lash out at Mitt Romney's claims that he has failed miserably in business.

The real estate tycoon showed off Trump water, Trump vodka, Trump wine, even Trump steak.

Mitt Romney was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night reading some mean tweets about himself from Trump.

Trump reacted to Romney’s appearance on the late night show, telling Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning: “He shouldn’t have gone on that Jimmy Kimmel show. I don’t think I would have done that.”

During an anti-Trump speech in Utah last week, Romney declared Trump "a business genius he is not."

Trump responded by calling the 2012 Republican presidential candidate "a choke artist." 

After the final Super Tuesday tally, Ted Cruz took Idaho. For Marco Rubio it was a washout and he didn’t get a single win.

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Anti-Trump SuperPACS are spending millions running the “Anyone But Trump” ads in Florida.

Trump is actually thanking the people behind the ads, saying “it helps me” after leading the Republican field.

The negative television commercials about me, paid for by the politicians bosses, are a total #Mediafraud. When you watch, remember!

March 8, 2016

There was shock on the Democratic side as Senator Bernie Sanders scored a major upset beating Hillary Clinton in Michigan.

Political expert Nate Silver called it: "among the greatest polling errors in primary history."

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