'Matrix' Filmmaker Lilly Wachowski Pens Emotional Letter: 'Yeah, I'm Transgender. Yeah, I've Transitioned'

"I knew at some point I would have to come out publicly."

Lilly Wachowski, one half of the sibling filmmakers behind the blockbuster Matrix trilogy has come out as transgender.

Lilly, 48, whose sister Lana, 50, is also transgender, wrote an essay for Windy City Times, a Chicago LGBT newspaper to make the announcement after tabloid reports suggested she had transitioned.

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“Yeah, I’m transgender,” she wrote. “Yeah, I’ve Transitioned.”

She added: “I find talking about my art frustratingly tedious and talking about myself a wholly mortifying experience. I knew at some point I would have to come out publicly. You know, when you're living as an out transgender person it's … kind of difficult to hide. I just wanted—needed some time to get my head right, to feel comfortable.”

Also in the essay, Lilly thanked her family for support and considered herself “one of the lucky ones” for their backing.

She wrote: “Being transgender is not easy. We live in a majority-enforced gender binary world. This means when you're transgender you have to face the hard reality of living the rest of your life in a world that is openly hostile to you.”

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Lana revealed her transition in 2012 when they were promoting their film, Cloud Atlas. Lilly thanked Lana for coming out prior to her.

Since the release of The Matrix in 1999, Wachowski sisters have crafted some of the industries most celebrated films and series like V For Vendetta, Jupiter Ascending and Sense8.

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