Protester Gets Sucker Punched By Trump Supporter During Raucous Rally

The man hit was then taken to the ground by police.

A North Carolina Trump rally got heated Wednesday night as an African American man was sucker punched as he was escorted out of the event for protesting. 

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Rakeem Jones, 26, was being made to leave the event as he was clobbered in the face by an older, white Trump supporter wearing a cowboy hat and black vest.

After getting punched, the dazed protestor stumbled away and was wrestled to the ground and handcuffed by sheriff deputies. The man who punched Jones was not arrested. 

Jones recalled being hit to INSIDE EDITION, saying: "He didn't know me and I didn't know him." 

Jones said his left eye still hurts from the punch and he is still confused as to why he was being taken out of the rally in the first place. 

He said: "I have second amendment rights, I can't sit here and talk?"

It was a raucous rally, as Trump was interrupted 17 times by demonstrators.

Dozens of protesters were escorted from the Cabarrus Arena as the crowd cheered and the GOP frontrunner mocked them during his speech.

"Go home to mommy and have her tuck you into bed," Trump said to a protester as he was escorted out.

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Jones said Trump's remarks were aimed at him and especially stung since his mother is deceased. 

But Jones said he doesn't regret going to the rally for the GOP frontrunner, who he doubted cared much about what happened. 

"Donald Trump probably doesn't care about what happened. He is already onto the next thing," he said. "If I can go to another [Trump] rally, I would go if I can," he admitted. 

Jones attended the rally with friends, who said they were also looked at as outsiders during the event. 

"The people that are going to his rallies are hateful people," Jones' friend Ronnie Rouse told IE. "Not in general, because you cannot put a label on all of the people–  but there is hatred."

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