Man Molested Colleague's Golden Retriever After Breaking Into His Family's Home: Cops

Daniel Reinsvold, 44, is accused raping the family dog after breaking into the Wisconsin home.

A real estate agent is accused of molesting his coworker's Golden Retriever after allegedly breaking into his family's home.

Daniel Reinsvold, 44, was caught molesting the dog at the house in West Salem, Wisconsin by the family's 16-year-old daughter, according to police.

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He was in the basement with his pants and underwear pulled down to mid-thigh, and with his pelvic area pressed against Cooper the dog, according to the police report.

Police say while the teenager did not see his genitals, his butt was exposed.

According to the police report, Reinsvold was startled by the girl and told her he was just "picking up some things he dropped," but she could hear his belt buckle jingling as he pulled up his jeans.

She told him she saw what had happened and Cooper the dog came to her as if he were "in trouble," according to the police report. She left quickly, and when she returned moments later, Reinsvold and his black four-door car were gone, it said.

Reinsvold later called the girl's dad to tell him he had startled his daughter while he was at school, even though the 16-year-old was not able to identify the man. The father realized what happened when he spoke to his family later that day, and they went to the police station to report the incident.

Cooper the Golden Retriever was also taken to the vet to be medically treated.

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Reinsvold did not have permission to be in the house but when he was questioned later the same day, he told police he was stopping by to use the restroom, the police report stated. Investigators said Reinsvold was often doing handywork for the family and knew where the spare key was hidden.

This was not the first time Reinsvold was allegedly in the house without the family's permission. The police report stated that he had once entered the house without permission to fix the television, but the couple assumed the gesture was meant to be a surprise. 

He has pleaded not guilty to charges of mistreating animals, criminal tresspass and disorderly conduct.

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