Wife Takes Angry Photo On Splash Mountain After Husband Refuses to Ride With Her

Jordan Alexander told INSIDE EDITION she practiced her angry face the whole ride.

It was an unhappy face at the happiest place on Earth as a woman was riding Splash Mountain at Disney World and delivered a death stare directly to the camera as all the other passengers are full of joy.

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INSIDE EDITION’s Deborah Norville talked with Jordan Alexander and her husband Steve.

Jordan said: “Splash Mountain's my favorite ride. He is not a ride's guy but he promised me and he promised me he would go.”

Steven admitted that when the time came he backed out the ride, so Jordan went on the ride alone.

“I was not happy,” Jordan said.

Norville said: “In the happiest place on Earth you are photographed as the grumpiest woman of all time.”

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“I thought it would kind of be funny if my husband had a memento of how mad he made me,” she said. “I practiced my face the whole ride. I wanted to get it right but I didn't have a mirror, so I just had to frown my brow, make a face, and just hope for the best.”

The Alexander’s have appeared on IE before. Steven once wrote a piece for Chicken Soup for the Soul about his kidney transplant and called it “Kidney Tomorrow Which Became Our Hope.”

“Humor was one thing that kept us together through all of the hardships,” Steven said. “This picture is just another example of how we make each other laugh.”

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