Teen Born Out of One-Night Stand Looks For Dad: 'I Really Want to Shake His Hand'

Jette Collins only knows that his mom attended a rock concert in 1996.

A photo is touching hearts across America of a teenager holding a sign saying to find the dad he has never known.

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The challenge for 18-year-old Jette Collins is that he doesn't have much to go on. All he knows is that his mom attended a music festival in 1996 in Vernon, New York.

"I am not asking for anything. Just would like to meet my biological father,” he wrote in a post that has gone viral on the Internet. 

“I'm looking for my dad now because I feel like if I had a kid out there, I would want to know,” he told IE.

Jette’s mom declined to be interviewed.

Her son says she met a man at a concert named Jason and they had a one-night stand. Then they lost touch and nine months later, Jette was born, he said

Jette's grandmother, Donna, who raised him, says he started asking about his dad when he was three years old.

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“I was floored and I just said: ‘I don't know honey, I never met him,’” she said.

Last week, he wrote all the information he had on a giant poster board, then had his girlfriend snap a photo that was posted on Facebook.

“If Jason’s out there, and he knows that he's Jette's dad, he doesn't know what he's missed. Jette has been a great kid. There isn't any other way to say it,” the grandmother said.

“All I really want is to shake his hand and say I’m your son,” he said.

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