Sisters Give Birth To Babies Just 13 Minutes Apart

Crystal Wingate and Sarah Hittmeier also found out they were pregnant on the same day.

Two Florida sisters have given birth to sons just minutes apart, in side-by-side rooms.

Crystal Wingate, 29, told that while none of it was planned, she and her sister Sarah Hittmeier, 25, found out about their pregnancies on the same day. 

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"I hadn't told anybody [about my pregnancy] yet, and I was trying to hide it [when Hittmeier] started looking at me and laughing," Wingate said.

She asked her sister not to say anything, when Hittmeier responded: "I'm laughing because I am, too!" 

Their doctors had coincidentally scheduled their inductions on the same day, but neither sister needed it. They both went into labor early.

When Wingate texted her sister that she was on the way to the hospital, Hittmeier responded: "Lol, see you there in five minutes!" Hittmeier had gone into labor at the same time.

The doctors at St. Joseph's Women's Ward arranged two rooms in a row, and the race began.

Crystal's husband, Deputy Royce Wingate, told that he was texting his brother-in-law from the next room when they suddenly heard cries and realized Hittmeier's baby boy, Liam, was arriving first.

But just 13 minutes later, it was his turn to meet his own son, Wyatt.

"It's one of those surreal feelings because I'm expecting my son and my nephew at the same time," Deputy Wingate said. 

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Baby Wyatt is the Wingate's fourth child. His cousin, Liam, is the third child in his family.

The two families live in different houses on the same property with their ever-growing extended family.

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