Dog Found Drowning In Tar Is Saved Just In Time By A Father and Son

She is recovering well.

A dog drowning in a pool of tar in Chile was rescued by a dad and his son driving by.

The pair spotted the dog trying to keep her head out of the goo while struggling to survive. That’s when they called for help. 

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Rescuers explained when they pulled the dog from the tar they believe she was intentionally put there. The dirty dog was rushed to a pet clinic where vets began washing away the black sticky mess. They said he was hungry and dehydrated.

One of the vets that took care of the dog, Lissy Alvarado Gamez, the magister who owns Puppies Vet City of Antofagasta, Chile told “The truth is that this case moved us much, but it is not the only one that has shaken us."

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The vets named the dog Tar and Gamez said she is proud of her team because they brushed off their personal obligations to stay and help save the dog's life. 

The poor pet is recovering and was given to the father and son that saved her.

Her new family has sent the vets photos and Gamez said: “She has a face of happiness that is our best pay.”

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