Jersey Shore Star Snooki Gets a Makeover

INSIDE EDITION gives Jersey Shore star Snooki Polizzi a sophisticated and chic makeover. You won't believe the results!

She's the breakout star of the Jersey Shore, famous for her outrageous antics and signature Snooki style.  

"I definitely like to be outrageous, when I walk into a room I want everyone to notice me," she told INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander.

The pint-sized party girl told Megan Alexander all about her now-famous look, and modeled some of her favorite ensembles.

"I can't even walk out of the house unless I put bronzer on, and I need my eyeliner," she said. "[My hairstyle] is called 'the poof.' I'm actually 4'9", but maybe 4'11" with the poof!"

INSIDE EDITION wanted to take Snooki out of her fashion comfort zone, so Megan Alexander asked Snooki if she would like a makeover.

"I would love to get a makeover!" Snooki said.

Celebrity hairstylist Francky L'official brushed out Snooki's sky-high poof. Then, her heavy bronzer and dark eyeliner and shadow were replaced with much lighter neutrals and Us Weekly's Fashion Director Sasha Charnin Morrison stripped off the "Jersey shore" and put Snooki in couture.

She looked super-sleek in a gray and black dress with shoe boots and a low pony tail. And the reality star was almost unrecognizable in a tailored black pantsuit.

The Jersey girl showed off a chic white sequined shift dress before modeling a Grecian glam with soft gorgeous waves and a stunning gold and black Marchesa dress.  

But no matter what she's wearing, Snooki's personality shines through; proving you can take the girl out of Jersey but you can't take the Jersey out of the girl!

To check out all of Snooki's makeover looks, check out our Photo Gallery.